HR 154 Action

Shelia Sova, asks for your support. Shelia is an award winning social media guru for the American Merchant Marine Veterans organization and supports all WWII Merchant Mariners. She is doing this in the name of her father, now deceased.

1) Please sign her petition that she has created in honor of her WWII Mariner father, Click Here.

2) The Navy League has made it possible for Shelia to invite you to their website to send a letter directly to your Congressional Representatives – this action will take you to another website. Use the included letter as a Base. We encourage you to edit as desired, and add any personal views you may have about how this issue affects you, your community, and our national security.  We urge you to add a personal touch–it will make the letter stronger!  Please delete any information that you do not wish to include, such as being a member of the Navy League – they do not require you to join. Click Here.