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The AMMV invites you to be included as a full member, an associate member, and/or become an Advocate. Climb aboard our ship and join us as we strive to educate the public in the role of which the U.S. Merchant Marine has played throughout the history of this nation. AMMV goals include: Working to obtain overdue benefits and recognition for our Post WWII Mariners and also gain benefits denied for WWII mariner veterans; participation in memorial services and upkeeps; we support current issues that are important to all Mariners, such as the Jones Act, cargo preference, Military Sealift Command, Maritime Security Program, Ready Reserve Fleet, etc.

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Are you interested in helping us get the AMMV message out to key legislative people and the public? If you are, please consider sending a message to your select email contacts introducing your district. The AMMV advocacy program helps you to make a difference in how your Senators and Congressperson deal with issues involving Maritime involvement in national security and to increase recognition of our Mariners who are always there supporting our military in peace and war.

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4) Become informed and be a part of our educational objectives aimed at informing our members, lawmakers, and the public about Mariner contributions and service in peace and war. Be a part of gaining recognition for this service.

5) If you choose to belong to a Chapter – participate in the camaraderie and local involvement in the community. Some Chapters produce a News Letter for their member’s enjoyment. (As in any group, the degree of activity will vary based on the energy generated by the Chapter members).

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The Preamble of our constitution reads as follows: “The American Merchant Marine Veterans is a not-for-profit pro-American organization established to gain recognition for what the men of the AMERICAN MERCHANT MARINE have accomplished for our country in war and peace. Our key purpose is to educate the American public as to the importance of having a strong American flagged Merchant Marine at all times and to promote to the best of  our ability the cause of AMERICAN SEA POWER and the AMERICAN SEAMEN.”

The American Merchant Marine Veterans Inc. (AMMV), an IRS designated not-for-profit Veterans’ 501(c)19 corporation, is a veteran’s organization that was established in 1984 to gain veterans’ status, recognition, and benefits for Merchant Mariners that served the United States of America. We are chartered in the state of Florida, and organized into 8 regions with chapters across the United States.

World War II American Merchant Mariners, after a successful lawsuit, were granted Veterans’ status in 1988, 43 years after WWII ended. At the time, they were given the standard 1988 benefits accorded to other Veterans. However, they were not given any of the other benefits granted to their military counterparts, by the G.I. Bill of Rights, immediately after WWII. Realizing that perhaps the interim 43 years of non-recognition as Veterans should be recognized and that the original benefits were “too little, too late”.  The AMMV and its members continue to fight for Just Recognition to this very day.


– AMMV members are donating significant labor and financial assets to support the WWII legacy ships.

– AMMV Chapters and members have gained recognition of Merchant Marine contributions at the National WWII memorial

– At a local level, memorials to merchant seamen have been placed in many parks and elsewhere..

– Historical literature and verbal information, about our members’ quest for Just Recognition, has been widely distributed at a national level to Congress.

– Schools, libraries, newspapers and other venues for publicity have been contacted to perpetuate public recognition of US Merchant Marine history.

– Members support current maritime activities such as advocating for the continuation of the Jones Act; maintaining and increasing the American Flag fleet; recognizing the efforts of Military Sealift Command (MSC); providing additional personnel training; advocating active support of the U.S. maritime schools and other goals.

– Efforts with Congress, and the application of same to the Air Force, for post WWII veterans’ recognition are on-going.


To develop an all-inclusive organization of U.S. Merchant Mariners; who will work together to gain recognition for their heroic and vitally needed service to our Nation, in Peace and War.


To gain recognition for the patriotic service and sacrifices of the AMERICAN MERCHANT MARINE for our country in Peace and War.

To promote a strong, present day national defense, which includes a trained base of mariners with an adequate U.S. Flag merchant fleet, to support our country in times of war.


Our history drives our service.


1) To educate the American public and Governmental Agencies as to the importance of having a strong American flagged Merchant Marine at all times and to promote the cause of AMERICAN SEA POWER and the AMERICAN SEAMEN and to maintain well-trained and efficient manpower to crew this fleet.

2) To continue to publicize the services of the American Merchant Marine Seamen in World War II, and gain recognition and Veterans status for the services and sacrifices of Korean, Vietnam, Middle-East and all post WWII conflicts from the United States Government’s Veterans’ Administration

3) To preserve the spirit of Comradeship among the American Merchant Mariners, and our fellow seamen who served in the Merchant Marine fleets of the nations allied with the United States.

4) To maintain and extend the institution of American freedom and encourage loyalty to our country’s laws and Constitution.

AMMV is all inclusive and is the only organization representing the individual U.S. Merchant Mariners interests relating to veteran’s status and recognition for their patriotic contributions to America. AMMV actively supports our Proclamations and Purposes. We are a non-profit, non-partisan Merchant Mariner organization.

We educate the citizens and lawmakers about U.S. Merchant Marine service and sacrifices in Peace and War.
We accept donations (IRS allowed tax deductions) to support our Proclamation and Purposes.
We work to gain recognition and veteran’s status of Merchant Mariners for their patriotic contributions in Peace and War.
We support and promote an active U.S. Flag Merchant Marine which meets the needs of our U.S. national security. We must maintain equivalent manpower training capabilities.
We do push for public recognition of Merchant Mariners and their history at public functions and other places.

We do not compete with Unions or other Maritime organizations.
AMMV, as an organization, does not lobby politicians nor donate to their political ambitions.

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