Resolutions Passed

Resolutions passed at 30th annual National Convention

Submitted by Capt. Christopher Edyvean, Midwest Chapter, unanimously approved

  • “Package Resolution”: Support of Pro-U.S. Maritime Programs
    1. Continued support of legislation for WWII MM (HR 563; HR 2992; Coastwise Mariners)
    2. Continued support of Jones Act
    3. Continued support of the Maritime Security Program (MSP)
    4. Continued support of Cargo Preference laws
    5. Support of the Export/Import Bank of the United States
    6. Continued support of the Ready Reserve Fleet (RRF)
    7. Continued support of the Military Sealift Command (MSC)
    8. Continued support of USMMA, six state academies, and respective training vessels
    9. Continued support of Anti-piracy efforts

Submitted by Stanley Blumenthal, Gulfstream Chapter, approved with minimum opposition

  • “Fair Trade not Free Trade”: Stop rust-belting America (Approved for 1 year only)

Submitted by Stanley Blumenthal, Gulfstream Chapter, unanimously approved

  • Support of restoration efforts of the SS United States
  • Support of American built, registered, and crewed cruise ships

Submitted by Robert Ulrich, Sacramento Valley Chapter, unanimously approved

  • Acknowledgment of the MM song “Heave Ho!” at public events in which other military service branches songs are played

Submitted by Morris Harvey, Ocala Chapter, unanimously approved

  • Harder push to pass H.R. 563 (in response to Hahn’s letter to our Convention)

If you would like a copy of any of these Resolutions, please contact the National Office.  As a member of AMMV, you have the right to use these Resolutions in the name of AMMV to further our beliefs by contacting various media outlets and other sources.