The Battle of the Atlantic Memorial (BOAM) is a United Kingdom fundraising campaign to build a national memorial to the Battle of the Atlantic on Liverpool’s waterfront. The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest campaign of WWII, which saw 3,500 merchant ships and 175 warships lost, featured 100 convoy battles, and covered 3,000 square miles. In addition to commemorating the Battle and all of its participants and contributors, the Memorial will have an educational role, informing the public – particularly young people – about the Battle of the Atlantic and its vital significance. Representing the BOAM at the AMMV 32nd National Convention in St. Louis was Commodore Martin Connell, an attaché from the British Royal Navy. Commodore Connell discussed the organization’s goals and timeline in regards to constructing the monument in Liverpool that will honor, along with other groups, the Merchant Navies and Merchant Marine of all Allied nations of WWII.

Commodore Connell shakes hands with WWII Merchant Marine Veteran Jim Coley.


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