About AMMV

Starting in 1983, AMMV was founded by a group of veterans looking to obtain the recognition that was rightfully theirs. AMMV aims to highlight the service of U.S. Merchant Marines, particularly in WWII, and fight for Just Recognition and the benefits that come along with such service.

Our Story

The American Merchant Marine Veterans (AMMV) is a not for profit pro-American organization established to gain recognition for what the AMERICAN MERCHANT MARINE has accomplished for our country in war and peace. Our key purpose is to celebrate the accomplishments of the American flagged Merchant Marine and to assist the veterans of the American Merchant Marine and their families, and all veterans of the military of the United States and their families, by providing counseling to veterans, and their widows and orphans, to assist them in legal, financial, and emotional matters resulting in connection with service to our country, and to provide information regarding benefits and services available to them.

AMMV is also dedicated to promoting, and educating the U.S. people and government as to the services that American Merchant Mariners have provided to the nation in connection with the war efforts and preservation of national security. Furthermore, AMMV is dedicated to promoting, and educating the U.S. people and government as to the value and importance of maintaining and supporting a strong American Merchant Marine fleet.

The American Merchant Marine Veterans Inc. (AMMV), is an IRS designated not-for-profit tax exempt 501(C)-(3) corporation, effective; April 21, 2021.   The initial veteran’s organization was established in 1984 to gain veterans’ status, recognition, and benefits for Merchant Mariners that served the United States of America.  We are chartered in the state of Florida, and organized into 8 regions with chapters across the United States and the world. With the Greatest Generation crossing the final bar, we look to maintain their legacy and grow our base to include Mariners of all wars, conflicts and humanitarian events around the world.  Donations are tax deductible. 

Join AMMV Today

Become a Member and Receive the Following benefits

Member-at-Large dues are $52.24 annually (includes processing fee)
(Effective dates are July 1st thru June 30th).


  • AMMV members are donating significant labor and financial assets to support the WWII legacy ships and support all efforts recognizing our U.S. Merchant Marine service. 
  • AMMV Chapters and members have gained recognition of Merchant Marine contributions at the National WWII memorial
  • At a local level, memorials to merchant seamen have been placed in many parks and elsewhere.  We promote current Maritime events and seek supporters to educate the public in their hometowns. 
  • Historical literature and verbal information, about our members’ quest for Just Recognition, has been widely distributed at a national level to Congress.  This is ongoing with current legislation supporting our WWII Mariners.
  • Schools, libraries, newspapers and other venues for publicity have been contacted to perpetuate public recognition of US Merchant Marine history. We use multiple social media outlets in assisting this effort. 
  • Members support current maritime activities such as advocating for the continuation of the Jones Act; maintaining and increasing the American Flag fleet; recognizing the efforts of Military Sealift Command (MSC); providing additional personnel training; advocating active support of the U.S. maritime schools and other goals
  • Efforts with Congress and applications to the Air Force for post WWII veterans’ recognition are on-going.
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