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The American Merchant Marine Veterans has issued a press release for U.S. Merchant Marine WWII veterans and Allies who will be recognized with the unveiling of a new memorial installed in Utah Beach, Normandy France on June 5, 2024!

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A Voice For The American Merchant Mariner

We were once over 7,000 members strong, and look forward to regaining this many members soon. If you would like to become a member, please fill out the application HERE. Join us as we endeavor to educate citizens about the accomplishments and sacrifices our men and women have made for the United States of America, and so much more. Our voices will be heard; our history drives our service.

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American Merchant Marines, The Fourth Arm of Defense

Starting in 1983, AMMV was founded by a group of veterans looking to obtain the recognition that was rightfully theirs. AMMV aims to highlight the service of U.S. Merchant Marines, particularly in WWII, and fight for Just Recognition and the benefits that come along with such service.

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In Peace and War, We Deliver!

The American Merchant Marine Veterans (AMMV) is a pro-American, non-profit group founded to raise awareness about what the American Merchant Marine has done for our country in both war and peace. One of our primary goals is to honor the achievements of the American-flagged Merchant Marine. We operate to help American Merchant Marine Veterans, United States military Veterans, and their families.

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All Hands on Deck Mariners! Heave Ho!

We provide information regarding benefits and services available to Veterans and their families.

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American Merchant Mariners, Keep’em Sailing!

AMMV is also committed to encouraging and educating the American people and government about the contributions that American Merchant Mariners have made to the nation’s war efforts and national security. In addition, AMMV is devoted to facilitating and teaching the people and government of the United States about the significance and necessity of a large American Merchant Marine fleet.

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Welcome to the AMMV

In the words of Bob Lanyon, “The brave deeds performed by the Merchant Marines must be recognized now.” Since 1983, the American Merchant Marine Veterans have been steadily recruiting members from all over the United States, with the aim of creating a sense of community among Merchant Mariners of all wars and raising public awareness of our bravery. We’ve come a long way from our primary success in obtaining Veteran status for WWII U.S. Merchant Mariners, but it is undeniably necessary to keep working for Just Recognition. Our members support current maritime activities, distribute historical literature, construct memorials, and use their voices to gain recognition for each and every one of our brave seamen.

The Fourth Arm Of Defense

The United States Merchant Marine, also known as the “Fourth Arm of Defense,” has served valiantly and honorably through each American conflict faced. Our members have achieved a great many honors, from supporting our military forces and cementing alliances, to fostering the growth of our country and advocating for active support of all U.S. maritime defenses. It is within our vision to work together and gain recognition for all of our men, in peace and war.

Legislative Updates

WWII Merchant Marine Congressional Gold Medal Update

To view the Eligibility Criteria for Duplicates of the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to World War II Merchant Mariners click here.

DC Report

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Our Blog

Using today’s technology, it is now easier than ever to keep up with the ongoings of our community and share in each other’s celebrations, achievements, and victories. With such rich histories to share, we would be remiss not to chronicle our efforts. To this end, we encourage all members and general attendees of events concerning the AMMV to share photos, stories, and footage that you’d like to see included in our blog articles.

With numerous chapters running all across the United States and the world at large, the AMMV actively educates and fights for Just Recognition to this day. Our members have physically supported the implementation of memorials, attended ceremonies for overdue honors, brought articles to Congress, and so much more. We hope to bring awareness to the continued adventures of our patriots. We aspire to share updates with our members as frequently as possible through the blog on our website, which you can visit at the link below.

Government Affairs

Through our dedication and service to our country, in times of both peace and war, we have more than proven that the United States Merchant Marine is deserving of governmental recognition and support. Our seamen have turned the tides of battle with their supply missions, braving rough seas and losing many to them. All of this in order to supply our troops with the food, gear, and gas necessary to defend freedom and make it back home. So many years later, our courageous mariners are still pursuing ongoing legislation for the full provisions awarded to Veterans by the G.I. Bill of Rights after WWII. Our military counterparts have already received these benefits long ago. The AMMV continues to work through grassroots efforts, all the way up to Congress, to fight for what we have so rightfully earned.

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Upcoming events

From our AMMV Annual Convention to chapter reunions and so much more, our members actively participate in COVID-safe events across the United States today. We also often gather for national observances such as V-E Day, Memorial Day, National Maritime Day, and many others. Brainstorming bills for Just Recognition and meeting to lobby for co-sponsors isn’t unheard of. Of course, if there is an honors ceremony or a memorial event, you’ll find us front and center—and we’d love your support in attendance as well!

You’ll find that we keep our events calendar up to date with the latest gatherings we’ve confirmed among our Veterans. While we love highlighting our advocacy and championing our Proclamation and Purposes, many events are simply social. Reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and sharing memories of service make some of our favorite get-togethers. We invite you to take a look at our upcoming events, and as always, we look forward to seeing your faces.

The jones Act

The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as the Jones Act, was passed in order to provide for the promotion and maintenance of the American Merchant Marine. This federal statute helps regulate maritime commerce in U.S. waters and between U.S. ports. The act does contain multitudes for defining seamen’s rights, and overall provides a great benefit for our U.S. merchants at sea. The AMMV dedicates a great portion of its efforts to dispelling untruths and clearing up false assertions regarding the Jones Act today. We advocate for its continuation and closely watch all attempted repeals and rebukes with the care our protections deserve. We want to share the latest news here concerning the Jones Act, as well as any motions attempting to alter it.