AMMV’s Outstanding Volunteers: Meet the Team behind the Dream At the 30th annual AMMV National Convention held in New Orleans (March 2016), six AMMV members received awards for outstanding service to the AMMV organization. Morris Harvey: Prior to being elected as AMMV’s National Vice President, Morris served two terms as AMMV National President. He is also a former Regional Vice President and after a 12 year hiatus has resumed presidency of the Ocala, FL Chapter. Additionally, he has spearheaded several AMMV Conventions during these periods of leadership. Morris is the Co-Chairman of AMMV’s Government Affairs Committee and engineered the historic “Storm the Hill” campaign in which five WWII MM Vets spent a week visiting Congress (2015) in promotion of H.R. 563.  The creation and management of the AMMV website is yet another accomplishment attributable to his dedication to the organization. Morris continues to work tirelessly in support of his fellow WWII Merchant Marine Veterans. Patti Scafidi: Patti is the wife of marine artist Don Scafidi, who was a Kings Point cadet during WWII. Their son, Max, is also a USMMA graduate – 57 years after his father! Patti is a strong activist for the Merchant Marine past and present. She currently is the lead Administrator of the AMMV Facebook page and is part of AMMV’s Membership Committee. Her efforts and promotional drives led to several new members in recent months. Patti also provided critical logistical support during the 2016 National Convention. Her husband’s original artwork display was a boost to the event, and she is credited for netting the Maritime Administrator as one of our Convention speakers. Sheila Sova: Sheila is the proud daughter of a WWII Merchant Marine & Korean Army Veteran who was part of an IL/MO based AMMV Chapter before crossing the final bar. She is a hard-fisted advocate of the WWII MM and has appeared on TV news interviews and radio talk shows in support of these views. Sheila runs the AMMV Twitter page and has carried out many special assignments as an AMMV volunteer. When it comes to WWII MM legislation, she is one of our top promotors. Dave Yoho: Dave was a WWII Merchant Mariner who is now a well-known businessman and motivational speaker. He came in touch with AMMV after discovering his young face on a historic reprint of a recruiting publication from the Sheepshead Bay training facility. Dave has since raised significant amounts of money to be used as “Mission Support”, allowing for expanded outreach efforts and better promotion of AMMV’s core causes. He has also crafted promotional videos in support of AMMV & H.R. 563, and was the opening speaker at our 30th Convention. Thanks to Dave, the WWII MM Vets have a new slogan: “Hell no, we won’t go away!” Sindy Raymond: Saaren “Sindy” Raymond has dedicated many years to the cause of the American Merchant Marine Veteran. Before taking the job as National Office Administrator, she worked for the “Just Compensation Committee” under Ian Allison. She is referred to by AMMV’s National President as “the most important person in AMMV”. Sindy is the Editor of our quarterly News magazine and a member of the North Bay Mariners Chapter in CA. Carole Gutierrez: (not pictured) Carole has been deeply involved with AMMV for several years. She produces the newsletter for her Oregon Chapter, of which her late husband Max was the President. Carole is the Graphics Design Coordinator for the AMMV News magazine (and other projects) and serves on our Editorial Committee. One of her primary contributions each year is the production of AMMV’s Convention Book (aka Memory Book). If all that is not enough, she is also a Regional Vice President.