The Merchant Mariners of World War II Suffering the highest casualty rate of all the services, the WWII Merchant Marine played a critical role in transporting troops, tanks, airplanes, and supplies needed to bring about the Allied victory. THE SEA IS MY BROTHER will be a 1/2 hour documentary video that follows the inspirational story of this group of overlooked and now elderly veterans. Through the first-person POV of 86-year-old Gabriel Frank as he rallies his fellow veterans, re-connects to his life at sea, and meets with politicians in New York and Washington, the film follows the veterans’ fight for a bill finally granting them benefits for their service during WWII promised by President Roosevelt himself. While they know they may not live to see the bill passed, the fighting spirit that helped win WWII fuels their passionate dedication to striking a blow for dignity and an unjustly delayed recognition. Watch the 8 1/2 minute trailer for this video here.