Dear News Desk Officers:

The American Merchant Marine Veterans has issued a press release for U.S. Merchant Marine WWII veterans who will be honored during the May 28 National Memorial Day Concert. Please view the attached press release. I am available for referring our legacy WWII Mariners to an advance interview on the historic significance of the Concert’s segment which will highlight the U.S. Merchant Mariners who  sacrificed all being part of the winning combination ensuring victory in WWII.  

In addition, please find our Event Brochure and a powerpoint presentation of our (5) WWII Mariners attending next weekend’s ceremonies. 

Take time to reflect on our National Maritime Day – Monday, 22, May 2023 honoring All the men and women who continue to go down to the sea in ships. 

I ask our Maritime Community; Do you know the symbolism of tomorrow’s Day Number being the 142nd day of the calendar year? 

We are a maritime nation, and our U.S. Merchant Marine has been around since the founding of our Country!  The U.S. Merchant Marine remains a vital service providing National and Economic Security maintaining supply chains.  Clear incentives and more general understanding must be hammered out amongst the stakeholders including the understanding of what our foreign and domestic transportation policies provide to the wellbeing of our Citizens.   

We honor all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep our freedoms; we will never forget their legacy.  

Heave Ho!