The 34th annual AMMV convention was scheduled to be held last March 24th through 29th Due to COVID-19 virus, the Maritime Conference Center, where the convention was scheduled to be held closed out of concern for the safety of their staff and attendees to their facility. In an attempt to predict the future, and re-schedule before all the dates were taken, the AMMV made arrangements to re-schedule the convention November 17 through 20, 2020. The AMMV Convention Committee held a meeting and reviewed the conditions presented by COVID-19 and saw that they may still have a negative effect on the November 17 through 20, 2020 dates and decided to change the dates, again, to May 19 through 23, 2021 to coincide with the US Maritime Administration National Maritime Day activities. We are hoping that the design of the Congressional Gold Medal will have been decided by those dates, and possibly, presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal.” — John Pitts, AMMV National President

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