In order to qualify for the Congressional Gold Medal for the WWII US Merchant Mariners, you must have a DD-214.

Family members of deceased mariners will be allowed to purchase a replica bronze medal on behalf of their family member.

1. What does “collective medal” mean? One Gold Medal will be presented collectively to the entire group of WWII USMM and housed in the American Merchant Marine Museum in Kings Point NY. The veterans will each apply and purchase a replica bronze medal at a cost of about $54. Now enacted, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee and the American Merchant Marine Veterans organization (AMMV) will work together to design the final medal. Generally the medal design process takes about 6-8 months.

2. Who is Eligible to receive a Congressional Gold Medal replica?

a) Any Merchant Marine Veteran who served Honorably at any time from December 7th 1941 to December 31st 1946*.

b) American Merchant Mariners in oceangoing service during the period of armed conflict, December 7, 1941, to August 15, 1945, and who meet the following qualifications: Employed by the War Shipping Administration or Office of Defense Transportation (or their agents) as a merchant seaman documented by the U.S. Coast Guard or the Department of Commerce (Merchant Mariner’s Document/Certificate of Service) or as a civil servant employed by the U.S. Army Transport Service (later renamed U.S. Army Transportation Corps, Water Division) or the Naval Transportation Service; and Served satisfactorily as a crew member during the period of armed conflict, December 7, 1941, to August 15, 1945, aboard merchant vessels in oceangoing—that is, foreign, inter-coastal, or coastwise -service (per 46 U.S.C.§§10301 and 10501) and further to include near foreign voyages between the United States and Canada, Mexico, or the West Indies via ocean routes, or · public vessels in oceangoing service or foreign waters

3. Will each eligible veteran receive a Congressional Gold Medal? Only one Congressional Gold Medal will be minted and housed at the Kings Point Merchant Marine Museum. The costs associated with the purchase of the bronze replica are beyond the scope of the government’s responsibility.

4. Are veterans expected to pay for the bronze replica of the CGM? Medal replicas presented to eligible veterans and if deceased, a family member can purchase the CGM in their honor. (Perhaps a funding site will be set up for donations so that each veteran will receive their medals free of cost). In accordance with the law, bronze replicas of the US Merchant Marine Congressional Gold Medal will be available for sale to the general public (scheduled for mid-2021). Bronze replicas and other CGMs are also available as the law allows for purchase via the US Mint’s online catalog.

5. Are families of deceased veterans eligible to receive a bronze replica of the CGM? Yes, the closest surviving relative of the deceased veteran may receive a bronze duplicate of the CGM on behalf of the Veteran.

Applying for the Congressional Gold Medal

1. How and when do I apply for this bronze replica? There is currently no time frame of when the application process or the medals will be complete. Usually a veterans’ group will be set up along with the government for a registration process. The AMMV will keep you up to date on the progression of the process on their website (ammv. us), by the AMMV NEWS Magazine or via USPS. At this time there is not any application process in place. It is TBD at a later date. Each group in the past has received their medals approximately 8-10 months after winning the medal. It is usually a three day program hosted by the government including tours, dinners and ceremony.